The Chili Difference

Medical Benefits of the ChiliPad

It’s great to have a ChiliPad™ to ensure a good night’s sleep. Whether you sleep warm or cold, this mattress topper offers individualized comfort on your sleep surface. But did you know that the ChiliPad offers many of our customers relief from certain health problems and life-threatening medical conditions?

Body Temperature Regulation

At Exceptional Care For Children, a pediatric skilled nursing facility in Newark, Del., which cares for medically fragile children, Chili Technology has changed the lives of four patients through the use of the ChiliPad. All had been unable to regulate their body temperature, with one of the four on the verge of being discharged to the hospital due to the severity of her condition. In a last-ditch effort to help their young patients, the staff at Exceptional Care ordered the ChiliPad after a desperate search on the Internet.

With its ability to heat up quickly and consistently, the ChiliPad has allowed these children to regulate their body temperature and remain at Exceptional Care rather than return to the ICU. It has also saved these families over half a million dollars in Medicaid costs.

One patient who needed the ChiliPad at all times to maintain his temperature struggled with the limitations of having to remain on the mattress pad. While it helped him remain healthy, it left him unable to play or interact with the other children. When Chili Technology learned of the boy’s plight, the company sent the boy a custom-made, Spiderman-themed wearable blanket featuring the temperature-regulating technology. No longer confined to his bed, the young patient was allowed to move freely and enjoy the company of other children.

The medical and financial advantages of the ChiliPad have been so beneficial to Exceptional Care that the hospital received a grant to purchase additional ChiliPads for its patients. “The ChiliPad has truly been magical for our patients,” said Traci Martin, director of nursing at Exceptional Care. “It is wonderful, easy to clean, safe for medical institutions and an all-around great product.”


Suffering with the constant pain of endometriosis, one woman sought a way to heat her lower abdomen for an extended period of time to provide relief. A traditional dry heating pad was inadequate due to its inability to retain heat, and a warm bath or hot water had to be constantly reheated. In addition, unconfirmed reports have indicated a possible link between the electromagnetic radiation emitted by heating pads and an increased risk of developing cancer. A healthier solution needed to be found.

After numerous failed attempts, she did some research and discovered the ChiliPad. Its moist, consistent heat, which is proven to penetrate 27 times deeper than that of a traditional heating pad, has offered her unparalleled relief and comfort, and provides the additional healing benefits of increased circulation to the area.


From hot flashes to cold sweats, the hormone fluctuations that accompany menopause can be difficult for any woman to handle. The ChiliPad has provided women with the relief and comfort they need to achieve restorative, satisfying sleep. “I am writing to let you know that I am thrilled with my ChiliPad,” said one satisfied customer. “Every woman should be aware of your product before their doctor starts prescribing anti-depressants, blood pressure medication or hormones for hot flashes. I have not had a single hot flash since I started using your product.”

Another customer, who recently underwent a hysterectomy, also praised the ChiliPad after she decided that hormone replacement therapy was out of the question for her. “There are so many people that could benefit from this product, not just women with hot flashes and night sweats,” she said. “I feel that it should be recommended by every doctor and chiropractor in the world. When you sleep well at night, you have faster recovery from illness or surgery and require less medication to recover.”


Arthritis can be a crippling disease that makes everyday life a struggle. Suffering from the debilitating side effects of inflammation and joint stiffness, one woman was unable to find the nighttime relief she craved so much. When her husband purchased a ChiliPad for her, it meant a new way of life for both of them.

“My wife has been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia,” he said. “It has been years since she has had a comfortable night’s sleep. With her first night sleeping on the ChiliPad, not only did she sleep through the night, but she slept longer than eight hours!” The ability of the ChiliPad to change temperature has provided this customer’s wife with soothing comfort for her aching bones and joints, allowing her to truly relax and get the rest that she so desperately needed. “Now that [my wife] is sleeping better, she is more alert, has more energy and, most importantly, she has finally found relief from her pain,” he said. “The ChiliPad has changed both of our lives!”