• Worth Every Penny!

    Posted on May 8, 2013 by in

    I rarely ever review products that I buy, but I feel compelled to tell people how wonderful my ChiliPad™ really is. I’m 44 years old and had suffered from years of waking up soaked in sweat. My husband purchased a mattress that was supposed to keep your body cool at night, but long before the trial period for the mattress was over I knew that it didn’t help at all. We had kept our previous mattress in storage, so I promptly returned the “cooling mattress,” started sleeping on my old one, and began looking for a new solution. I came across information about the ChiliPad™ and decided to give it a try. It seemed expensive, but in reality it was 1/3 of the cost of the mattress I’d returned. My husband and I both knew that it was worth every penny after just one night of use. We’ve had our ChiliPad™ for about a year now and I’ve not had one night sweat. Not one! I love my ChiliPad™.

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