• Thought I had died and gone to heaven!

    Posted on July 25, 2013 by in

    If you are a “hot” sleeper this is probably one of the most wonderful solutions you can try. I now can sleep through the night with a blanket instead of throwing off the covers and then re-covering every fifteen minutes or so. Those who complain about the brightness of the LED display should just put a little tape over it. Those who complain about the volume of the fan noise must sleep in a sound proof chamber somewhere. The fan just creates some even white noise and actually evens out some of the outside night traffic sounds. This system is easy to set up, easy to maintain, and for a good solid night sleep, I do not mind the cost.

    My only suggestion would be that the vendor include the batteries for the remote. I had to rob the TV remote in order to use it the first night, as I had no AAA batteries to spare. Other than that, there was no odor, no mess, and filling the water into the motor unit was easy and quick. In comparison, I bought a “cool gel” foam mattress pad that was supposed to wick away the heat, but I cannot tell you if it does, as two months later I cannot go into the room where it is ‘airing out” due to the awful chemical smell that was supposed to go away in a day or two.

    For those of you who sleep by yourself on a queen mattress, I bought the full size with the single control and it fits just fine. There are only a couple of inches at head or foot and side to side that are not covered, and I do not sleep that far down or up on the bed anyway.

    You can even purchase a replacement mattress pad without having to buy the whole unit. What a deal that is.

    I think you cannot go wrong with this ChiliPad™. And to think I was plannig to buy something similar from Sleep Number for a couple thousand dollars.

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