• The ChiliPad has made an enormous difference in my sleeping

    Posted on November 16, 2012 by in

    The ChiliPad™ has made an enormous difference in my sleeping. I am staying asleep throughout the night instead of waking up overheated in my Tempurpedic bed. As a registered nurse pursuing my graduate degree, I often get between 4-6 hours of sleep. As you can imagine it is imperative that those limited sleeping hours be high quality and uninterrupted. Your product has made this possible for me.

    As a nurse, I see numerous patients with numerous medical conditions, the majority of whom have sleep difficulties. Many of the patients I see could benefit from this product. I also collaborate with mental health professionals (psychologists and psychologists) and pain specialists, both of which work with patient populations who would benefit greatly from improved sleep with the ChiliPad™. Sleep disturbances affect every aspect of a person’s health, and can result in increased pain and mental health disparities, including depression. I spoke to a psychologist about the pad who was going to recommend the product to a client who had not slept in the same bed as her husband in over a year, because she overheats. In addition, I attended a chronic pain support group for a class assignment, and every group member had sleep difficulties. I am certain that these individuals suffering from various physiological ailments would also experience improved sleep with use of the ChiliPad™.

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