• Have been sleeping better than I have in years!

    Posted on September 11, 2013 by in

    I began using my new ChiliPad™ last month, and wanted to write and thank you for the best sleep I’ve had in years. I was starting to worry that I may have to use a prescription medication because of the chronic insomnia, but not any more!

    And I could never get used to using just a sheet on top of me, for some reason, but now I can use my comforter to feel extra cozy while staying cool all night! (can’t help using all the exclamation points; it’s just so amazing to see for myself what a difference it has made).

    I was already doing everything possible to get the best nights sleep: No blue light sources after sunset, black out curtains, fans, a/c on in bedroom, no stimulating books, tv or internet (I keep the tv dark and wear amber colored sunglasses if I want to watch some light comedy before bed); no caffeine after 11 AM; etc. etc. I’m sure most of us having sleep problems know the list all too well, so I’ll stop there ;)

    I ordered the extra extension, so that the ChiliPad™ console would have two feet of space around it and it’s ever better now. Love it, love it, love it!!

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