• My Husband Loves His New Pillow

    Posted on April 15, 2013 by in

    My husband has been having a hard time sleeping lately.  He has tried melatonin, sleepy time teas, exhaustive exercise to no avail.  His usually uses two polyester fill pillows that I got him last year, but have since flattened as they are so prone to do.  I do have a contour memory foam pillow that I let him try it.  He didn’t like the contours, and after five minutes, gave it back to me.  His tossing and turning all night has been keeping me awake, too.  I knew his sleep problem most likely stemmed from those pillows, so I did a search looking for something better for him.

    What I found for him is a ChiliCloud Coconut Gel X2 Pillow from Chili Technology.  It is a big memory foam pillow with a layer of 3D gel on both sides of the pillow.  This pillow has really made a big change in my husband’s sleeping habits.


    My husband loves his new pillow  It has kept him cooler at night, and has led to a deep sleep that he has not experienced in a long while.   Just one point that I would like to make about the pillow, it does need to air out a bit.  My husband has been using the pillow solidly for two weeks now, and only a light fragrance of coconuts emanating from the pillow, and it is quite nice.  My husband, a coconut fiend, loves the fragrance!


    My husband won’t sleep without this pillow now.  He has finally achieved a great night’s sleep that he has not experienced in a long time.  Thank you Chili Technology for providing a better night’s sleep for both of us.

    [Excerpt from the blog, Royalegacy Reviews. Read the entire entry here.]

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