• Life Changing

    Posted on August 16, 2013 by in

    If you have never used a ChiliPad™, you will think that I am exaggerating but I’m not!!! I suffer from a couple of disorders that had caused me to wake in sweats and/or burning foot pain.

    I have peripheral neuropathy that causes my feet to burn like fire–especially at night. I would go to bed after having soaked my feet in cold water and keep my feet out from under the covers because of the burning pain. The first night I used the ChiliPad™, the burning was not noticeable. I had suffered for, at least, 5 years with this. I also did not wake up in a sweat. I am so comfortable and I have mine set at 67 degrees. We don’t need the air conditioning like we did before. It keeps my core temperature cool so I get a restful night’s sleep. Please invest in one of these. I was afraid of the price but it more than makes up for it in being comfortable and lower electricity bills. Just think. This winter I will be nice and cozy in my bed while my bedroom temperature is 54 degrees. Thank you, ChiliPad™. Please keep being innovative and think outside the box.

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