• I couldn't believe how cool I felt.

    Posted on June 26, 2013 by in

    My wife has been suffering from “hot flashes”, for a few years. She usually does not get through the night without suffering from them. She bounces around and sometimes, she would go downstairs to sleep, as it is cooler on our main floor. I also, am a “hot” sleeper. I searched the internet for “mattress cooling pads.”  There are several types and designs of so called “cooling pads.”  I looked at the ChiliPad™ web site, and what it showed me, made a lot of sense. Pumping cooling water through tubing, inside of a mattress cover.

    I reviewed all the testimonials, along with my wife. I asked her if she thought this would help, and, she was reluctant at first, but I explained about the 90 day return policy, in case we were not happy with the ChiliPad™.

    We went to a “Relax the Back” store, as that was the closest dealer to us. Although, the sample ChiliPad™, is rather small, we could tell that this was something we needed to try at home.

    We ordered it that Sunday, and the following Friday, it arrived via UPS.

    My wife had to go out of town that weekend, so I did not set the ChiliPad™ up until Sunday. I couldn’t believe how cool I felt. It was like I was sleeping on a block of ice, is the best way to describe how cool it was. I told my wife, that she “would not like the ChiliPad™.” I tell her this, when ever I know she is going to like something. She got to sleep on it Monday night. No tossing and turning, trying to get cool, just a good sound night’s sleep, which she really enjoyed. When I asked her how she like our new ChiliPad™, she said she “LOVED IT”!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I concur with my wife. The ChiliPad™ is great and I will recommend anyone who is looking for a cooling mattress cover, to check out ChiliPad™.

    PS. The Chili Pad is really easy to set up and program.
    Thanks again, ChiliPad™!!!!

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