• Human Heater Loves His ChiliPad™!

    Posted on January 31, 2013 by in

    Is it expensive? Heck yeah. Is it worth every penny? Absolutely! I had a really hard time parting with almost a grand for it, but I love, love love it! You figure you spend about one third to one fourth of your life in bed. Might as well enjoy it!

    I am 32, in shape, very high metabolism, and always hot. I mean a human heater hot! I hate laying in a hot bed. Even with the a/c on you can feel your bed radiating your body heat back to you. And a memory foam mattress is even worse! I bought this about 8 months ago and the first night I turned it all the way down. It is a little weird at first cause you are use to laying in a hot bed but it feels like tile floor as it cools you down. I woke up two hours later freezing cold! Normally I am sweaty and here I am freezing! Took me some time to play around with different temperatures but now I am addicted. This thing is amazing.

    I whine when I stay in hotel rooms because I can’t cool my bed down or warm it up in the winter. I use it every night to either warm me up or cool me down.

    My advice is buy a nice bed, quality bedding, good pillows, and with this pad you will be in heaven. Coming from the guy who wears t-shirts year round in Ohio and this thing can freeze me out!

    A little note it does put off a lot of heat. This is to be expected. It’s your body heat! Instead of being hot in the bed it heats up the air. So sleep with the door open or a fan to move the hot air away. Good ventilation is a must for it to cool properly.

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