• ChiliPad™ Solved Our Problem

    Posted on May 8, 2013 by in

    My wife and I purchased a memory foam mattress for ourselves for Christmas 2012.

    I had pretty much spend a year looking and reading reviews and looking for the best value prior to our purchase. We ended up with a Sleep Inovations mattress, and were at first impressed with the way it slept. I had read in numerous reviews how some people had problems with sleeping hot in high density memory foam mattresses, but also read that this problem only affected from 7% to 8% of people, so I took a chance. After several nights on the mattress, both my wife and I were having problems with waking up hot and sweating just several hours after falling asleep. So, back to the internet, searching for a solution. Our first attempt at a remedy was a mattress pad recommended by Dr. Oz. This helped a little, but was quite cold when first entering the bed and seemed to lose it’s cooling effect within an hour or two of going to bed. We then decided to purchase the ChiliPad™ dual control mattress pad. We have only had this for a little over two weeks, but so far this has solved our problem. No more waking up hot, or being chilled. We turn on the control units about 30 minutes before retiring for the night. The temperature while slipping into bed is quite neutral. We both sleep through the night with no temperature issues. I set my side at 68F while my wife sleeps at 65F.

    The control units are very quite. The tubing that runs through the mattress pad is not really noticable while laying in bed. The only unexpected issue that we have noticed is that the unit tends to heat up the room. Our bedroom is a little small (14 x 12) I guess all the heat that the mattess pad takes out of us has to go somewhere. Other than that we are very satified. We cannot speak to the longevity or reliabilty of this product, but it does appear to be well made and we hope that it will give us many years of service.

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