• ChiliPad made a huge difference in my ability to sleep well

    Posted on November 16, 2012 by in

    ChiliPad™ made a huge difference in my ability to sleep well. When I found this product, I was seeking relief from hot flashes — after using it, I noticed other aches, pains and stiffness (due to herniated discs) were remarkably less getting out of bed in the morning. With the help of this product my husband and I now sleep much better. I always use the cooling feature of ChiliPad™ on 46 degrees, but my husband uses the warm setting to preheat the bed. It is always a luxury to get into a chilled bed for me, and equally satisfying for him on a warm setting on a cold night. He especially considers it a luxury to be able to lower the temperature when he is feeling warm enough! ChiliPad™ has reduced the severity of my hot flashes, aches and pains — my husbands snoring is, for the most part, stopped — tossing and turning is much less allowing us both to get a better night sleep. I have not woke up soaking wet with sweat since I received my ChiliPad™ six months ago and my eleven year old daughter also sleeps better now that I set the air conditioner on 72 at night, rather than 68 degrees! Think of the savings on electric bills!

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