• ChiliCloud Cooling Coconut Pillow Review

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    A new bed is a great way to make you more comfortable and find a perfect sleeping environment, but that is a lot of cost and effort, and if you have a sleeping partner who is comfortable in your current bed, that is just very impractical. There has to be an easy and affordable way to find some relief. Well, there is.

    The ChiliCloud Cooling Coconut Pillow makes sleeping a wonderfully restful and restoring activity once again.

    This pillow is fabulous. It is big and plush, with just the right balance of softness and firmness.


    It’s amazing. I so needed something cooling. I am the kind of person who needs a blanket on no matter how hot it is. Living in Florida, that can become excruciating, even with the AC and ceiling fan on. Now, my pillow helps keep me cool. It sounds too good to be true, and it would be if it were not actually true. I love it.


    And even better still, the ChiliCloud is actually much more affordable than other memory foam pillows. Any other brand name memory foam pillow will cost way more, and a cooling one would be astronomical.

    You cannot go wrong with the ChiliCloud Cooling Coconut Pillow. Give yourself (or someone you care about) the priceless gift of a good night’s sleep(every single night).

    [Excerpt from the blog, Andrea’s World Reviews. Read the entire entry¬†here.]

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