• Can't Sleep Without This

    Posted on September 11, 2013 by in

    I’ve had my ChiliPad™ for about a year now. I use to sleep on a waterbed without the heater on and it was always cool, even during the winter time. But I got married 4 years ago and the waterbed had to go cause my wife didn’t like it (hurt her back). So I was miserable for years till I got a ChiliPad™.

    Now I can’t sleep without it! I can have the fans running or the air conditioner on but those do nothing on your backside. The heat just builds up with no where to go but the ChiliPad™ takes away that heat for me cause I run hot all the time. My wife was the opposite, she would sleep with blankets on but now she says she is too hot and wanted my ChiliPad™. No way!! So I bought her one today. We are using the Twin XL on a Calif King bed. It covers head to toe and half way across. Now she’ll have her own and that is one less complaint! Thanks ChiliPad™. Oh, don’t buy those other cool pads, even the ones that are similar. They are cheaply made, don’t run as cold and are not built like the ChiliPad™. You cannot disconnect the supply from the pad or extend them like the ChiliPad™. Oh, I did use it once for heat when I was sick and boy it was a life saver!!!

    And we also bought the extensions as our bed is high and the power unit would not reach.

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