• A Red Hot Mammas approved product

    Posted on November 16, 2012 by in

    When having hot flashes, it’s hard to fool Mother Nature. Hot flashes, night sweats affect 75-85% of women. Women feel intense heat, get flushed, perspire, and they may get uncomfortably wet during the night. This may cause them to awaken and the next day they may feel fatigued and moody. Good news gals, we now have a product that can fool Mother Nature. The new product is the ChiliPad™ which gives some of us a new lease on menopausal life.

    So, as the temperatures soars in your bed at night, and you are tossing and turning feeling that greenhouse effect when those hot flashes and night sweats strike, all you have to now do is to turn on your ChiliPad™. Your bed will stay cool and you will be more comfortable during the night. ChiliPad™ is a Red Hot Mamas approved product.

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