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  • Effects of Temperature on Sleep: Manipulating Body Temperature to Improve Sleep Quality, Onset, and Arousal.

    Posted on December 1, 2014 by in Sleep Science

    David Gaynor, Kelsey Breseman March 14, 2013 Abstract Core body temperature is a crucial factor influ-encing how easy it is to fall asleep, ease of awak-ening, and quality of sleep. This paper reports on research supporting the effects of tempera-ture on sleep and proposes a device to improve sleep quality by manipulating the temperature of a sleeping subject. 1 Introduction According to a 2010 National Sleep Foundation poll, three in ten Americans report rarely get-ting a good night’s sleep. This perception of in-sufficient sleep can be due not only to the quan-tity of sleep recieved, but also the experience of falling asleep and waking as well as the quality of […]

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    Posted on December 1, 2014 by in Sleep Science

    All medical authorities agree that sufficient amounts of good quality sleep are fundamental to maintaining physical health and mental well-being. Numerous clinical studies have attested to the importance of the ambient sleeping temperature to the quality and length of sleep enjoyed. However, rather than heating or cooling the room to impact the temperature experienced by the sleeper, a much more fundamental approach is to heat or cool the mattress itself. This is the method employed by the ChiliPad™ Cube 1.1 cooling and heating temperature control system, a mattress pad that regulates mattress surface temperatures by actively circulating water through a network of micro-silicone tubes at temperatures that can be set […]

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