ChiliPad - Saved My Marriage
testimonial ..."saved my marriage " by a new technology bed pad @ green living show...
ChiliPad - Cooling/Heating Mattress Pad
There is a secret we want to share. Never sleep hot again. Finally the nightly battle over the thermostat can be settled. 95% of sleep partners sleep at different temperatures, one partner sweats while the other one piles on the blankets. The ChiliPad is the ultimate solution.
ChiliPad - How it Works
How does our warming or cooling mattress pad work? Chili Technology uses water to generate a wide range of in-bed temperature control in our cooling mattress pad. Similar to the semi-conductor technology that cools your computer...
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Beauty Rest

I sleep 8 straight hours. Happier, more productive days for sure. -- Gloria

We definitely cuddle more. Now we are expecting! -- James

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Insomnia Aid

#1 Drug-Free solution for insomnia is SLEEP TEMPERATURE

No more sleepless nights. I adjust my bed temperature to my mood. -- Angie

Dual Temperature Zones
I sleep cool. She sleeps hot. So glad we found our ChilPad™. - Jerry

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Hot Flashes No More

Our menopause hot flashes and chemotherapy night sweats solution! Thank You, Thank You, THANK YOU!!! -- Better Sleeping Boomers

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Heat & Cooling Mattress Pad

  • 30-Day Money Back Trail Period Guarantee
  • 2 Years Warranty
  • Love at first sleep!

It works great! Love it!!!
~ Kathie Lee Gifford
Vickie & Tuffy
Johnny Wilde
Daniel Hofer
Chris Teasdale