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ChiliPad Sleep System
Heating And Cooling Mattress Pad

Helps you fall asleep faster and stay in deep sleep longer

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ChiliPad Sleep System
30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Spend 30 nights on the Perfect Sleep Pad with a risk-free trial and discover what cooler deeper sleep can do for you.

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ChiliPad Sleep System
Fall Asleep Faster And Wake Up Refreshed

Quality sleep enhances overall health & wellness giving you focus to take on every day.

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Sleep Well. Live Well.

Cube Sleep System with Chilipad™

The Cube is our pioneer sleep system. It’s comprised of a reversible hydro-powered mattress pad (ChiliPad), thermal regulating control unit(s), and a remote making it perfect for one or two sleepers! Utilizing hydropower (water), this sleep system operates between 55-115°F (13-46°C), helping encourage quality, restorative sleep. Fall asleep faster and wake up refreshed. Everyday.

The Chilipad™ Guarantee

30-Day Customer Trial Satisfaction Guarantee
Choosing from a variety of natural sleep remedies is one of the most important decisions you can make and one sleep product in particular can help achieve the best sleep.

To help ensure being comfortable with the decision to buy this sleep system, a 30-Day Comfort Guarantee is offered with the purchase.

The #1 Sleeping Solution

ChiliPad™ Features

No More Hot Flashes
Set Your Perfect Sleep Temperature
Fall and stay asleep easier

The Chilipad™ How It Works

How does our warming or cooling mattress pad work? Chili Technology uses water to generate a wide range of in-bed temperature control in our cooling mattress pad. Similar to the semi-conductor technology that cools your computer

What Our Customers Have To Say

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